Scalp micropigmentation is a procedure that compensates for hair loss in both men and women. Since hair loss affects both how you see yourself and how you feel about yourself, it can have a direct impact on your self-confidence.

For this reason, several methods of hair treatment have been developed. From topical rubs to surgery, not all of them work. Some do but come with adverse effects; others are costly.

is a recent technique, and it is effective and safe for hair loss treatment of the scalp as it combats the feeling of diminishing self-esteem by getting rid of the appearance of hair loss

Scalp micropigmentation is a versatile form of hair loss treatment

There are several hair loss problems, and this procedure provides long-lasting restoration to these hair loss troubles.

The complaint of receding hairline is quite common among men, often seen at the sides of the front of the hair, and is recognized as an early sign of baldness. This should be an easy one for a skilled craftsman as the procedure allows him to incorporate bespoke hair-like pigments onto the scalp such that it is continuous with the hair behind as a natural blend.

For some, their forehead is intact, only that they have poor hair density, which could be a result of any ailment that causes random individual strands of hair to come off easily. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) comes into a situation like this and fills the spaces along the hair strands so that the appearance of a fuller hair is created.

  • Baldness

Baldness is a major hair loss problem,and the fact the scalp micropigmentation fixes it makes it increasingly popular among men. The procedure creates a natural-looking hairline such that the scalp looks all new and full. If you have a combination of two or all of these hair loss problems, scalp micropigmentation can fix all at once with a complete procedure.

SMP is non-surgical unlike invasive hair transplant procedures

Hair transplant is a surgical procedure that transplants your natural hair from one location to another so that it grows permanently in that position. As you’d expect, this procedure is more permanent but also more expensive and stressful,especially when compared to the much cheaperSCM technique.

With follicular hair transplants, incisions are made on your scalp as thesurgeonimplants the hair. Aftercare of this procedure is intensive and requires caution on your part to prevent infection and secondary complications.

  • Scalp micropigmentation spares you all these troubles as the processinvolves using a cosmetic ink pigment to fill hair spaces so that theappearance of a full hair is seen. It doesn’t require anesthetics and so much financial investment.
  • At the same time, the scalp micropigmentation doesn’t take away your choice of having a transplant in the future,so you do not lose anything at all.
  • SCM,unlike hair transplant,doesn’t hurt your hair follicles and is much less painful post-operational. Inflammation of the follicles usually occurs after transplant but not with SCM.

SMP is safe and can help with natural re-growth

The procedure involved in micro-pigmenting doesn’t require any chemical,which translates to it being safe and having no side effects. It is a semi-permanent makeup that fades after about two years and can be re-touched without causing any harm to your body.

Also, the procedure is somewhat similar to ‘dry-needling’ which gives it the benefits of the dry needling procedure which includes;

  • Concealing scars
  • Activating hair follicles so that natural growth can occur.

Requires little maintenance

Scalp micropigmentation only mimics real hair,and because there is noactual hair, it doesn’t need styling or ‘hair care.’

Unlike hair transplant, which may require caution after the operation, SCM only requires that you do not wash off four days after it was applied. After this, it is as though it is a permanent hair that requires no worry.

It saves you money

This is one of the benefits of SCM when compared with hair transplants. Now because these two procedures are the ones that guarantee ‘realistic’ hair loss replacement, their comparison is very common and SCM is much less expensive.

Hides imperfections

The procedure of micropigmentation can hide or mask scars or injuries on the head as it creates a false appearance of the scar,making it all look like hair.

You can get the best scalp micropigmentation at Scalp Design. We’d be glad to help you restore your hairline without hurting your hair follicles or taking away your choice of a future transplant.

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