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EvanDer Arthur

John deserves 10 stars for the quality of work he is doing at Scalp designs. From the consultation, 3 sessions scheduled, price and quality of work, this is by far the best experience I’ve received overall from a small business! John takes his time and really makes you comfortable throughout the process. He is so good at what he does, works with my different schedules, takes breaks for you to check and make adjustments. I have 1 more session left but I’m already excited with my results. Highly recommended!! Keep up the good work John! See you for my last session in a few weeks.

Jennifer Hammond

I’ve been losing hair for years. It is embarrassing and painful. I’ve tried rogaine, magic oils, pill, etc. I’ve tried toppers and they never worked for me (bought a crazy expensive custom one). I was considering trying a wig and even looked into hair Transplant.
I made the best discovery ever- smp! Soon after I made the second best discovery -John.
I was terrified to get this done because my worst nightmare was looking worse. I was also super uncomfortable because to me, addressing this issue was embarrassing and made me feel vulnerable (something I love)

James M.

I couldn’t be happier with my experience with John and Scalp Designs. He was professional, honest, and a master of his craft. His office is private and clean and he makes you feel comfortable. I was nervous about scalp micropigmentation. Each session my results looked better and better. He even did a complimentary touch up when all was said and done. Thank you John for working with me during this process.

Jay Michael

John is the best in scalp micro pigmentation. I was nervous about going but after looking at his page & all his work I decided to go in for a consultation. The office is very clean and it’s comfortable/private. I’ve wanted to do something about a scar/thin area so I followed my instincts & gave it a shot. He does awesome natural looking work & is always available by phone. I totally recommend this place & this guy who is passionate & legitimately cares about his clients.

Chris Street

I am very pleased with the results so far! John is a great guy and very professional. My advice is be patient!! It takes time to get the results you are looking for!! I still have a couple more appointments to reach the results I’m looking for. So don’t hesitate!! Make an appointment today!!


I went to see John at Scalp Designs ,and let me start by saying that his work is absolutely top notch !!! I would recommend anybody to go see John.He is a Pioneer for scalp micropigmentation in New England. I would not go( anywhere else ) for this type of procedure except scalp designs .Johns artistic skills are incredible , he is down to earth ,and he cares about each and every one of his clients.

Ray blanco

John Toti excels at his craft. He is like a highly experienced surgeon working on your scalp. He has wonderful customer service, making you feel at ease as he completes his masterpiece. I am so thankful to him for his time, effort and artistry. He has truly changed my life with his work. Kudos to him! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves.

Derek Falcetta

If your interested in Scalp microppigmentaion I would highly recommend going to John at Scalp Designs. Very comfortable and clean enviroment.. I came on a recommendation from a friend and I couldn’t thank him enough, my hair looks fuller and filled in. Back in the game and my confidence is back. Thank you John

Derek Pereira

This is the new fountain of youth. After the first session you start seeing a difference. Not just in your looks, your confidence, your swag and u won’t think twice about putting on that hat next time you go out. For the 30 year old guy that looks like your 40, you won’t be disappointed. I’m 38 and hated shaving my head, it made me look so much older. After 3 sessions I can’t believe the difference in how I look.

John kept it 100 with me from the start and and everything he said happened. How it’s a slow process and the more work he does the more results I was going to see.I listened to everything he said with what I needed to do after I left his office and it’s magical the work what this guy can do. He has a vision and a great talent for this line of work. A true artist!!!!

If your someone hesitating to get this done like I was, trust me your in good hands.

Kyle Barbaro

Can’t say enough good things about scalp designs. I was 90% sure I wanted the procedure done, I was at the point of figuring out who was the best for the job. After hearing John did his own head after a botched job from a competitor I was amazed at his own results, as soon as I saw his head I immediately knew he was the right man for the job. I would recommend using the SMP simulator so you can see expected results before your procedure, it also insures you get what you want or don’t want.

Your first procedure shows you just a taste of what to expect, don’t be surprised if a week later your results fade.

THIS IS INTENDED. After your second session expect to feel like a new man. I haven’t worn a hat since and don’t plan on it, no longer do I feel the need to hide behind one. Can’t wait for my next session.

Anthony Reyes

Scalp Designs is the place to go

Jorge Laboy

Very nice guy and does a great job i love how my scalp came out

Marcelo Lima

I just finished my third section and I’m very happy with the work and results John Toti has done ..I look so much younger which has made me much more confident

Stephen Nashawaty

Very informative and passionate about making people feel and look better about their appearance.

Sadik Mullah

The guy is exceptional! Knows his work well, very detailed oriented, and patient. Easy to work with. Very flexible with scheduling and working with your hours. Highly recommend anyone who is looking to have this procedure done

Hector Acosta

Jhon is a real artist and patient did an exceptional job I can not ask for more Thank you

If you are looking to get it done you have to see jhon

Imran Saeed

I had scars from a hair transplant so while i was visiting family in Boston knowing i was insecure about NY scar my cousin told me about a place his friends have gone that does a new treatment called Scalp Designs that will conceal my scar so I went there and met with owner/technician John who told me he could conceal my scar while adding a little more density in my crown area which made my crown look completely full.. John was very professional and i couldn’t be happier with my results..I recommend anyone looking to do scalp micro-pigmentation to call Scalp Designs since you never know about these treatments but this place a gem

Jackie Morrell

JohnToti will give you your absolute dream hairline and hair-do! There a replaces that do S.M.P. and then there’s the guy that hasmaster edit, and John has is on another level

compred to his competitors! John is the Golden State Warriors, al lthe

others are competing for second, John Toti scalp designs is hands down the best in the business! Go see him and find out for yourself!

Tommy Alphin

Scalp designs were very professional from the consultation through the entire treatment

Arthur Vicente

I would highly recommend going to John at Scalp Designs I’m very happy with the work and results

David melo

I used Scalp Designs to fix my thinning hair and I was extremely impressed on how my procedure came out. If you are balding or your hair is thinning out I highly suggest you call John Toti from Scalp Designs. His service is top really notch!

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