Scalp Micropigmentation

What happens during Scalp Micropigmentation?

 While performing an SMP, the practitioner injects a natural pigment into the dermal skin layer of the scalp using a cartridge with one extremely small micro-needle which is fabricated to resemble a single hair follicle. This is called the hair tattoo approach. What a hair tattoo does is to replicate the natural appearance of hair follicles. It makes you look like you have a full head of well groomed hair, as though you’ve shaved your head out of choice, and not because you are bald. This method completely hides the bald spots, scars, burns or any ugly birthmarks on the scalp. It works well for men and women and people of all ages, skin colors and skin types.


Hairlines are the frame to your face,when your hair line has receded you have lost the frame out of the picture
With scalp micro pigmentation you are able to fully customize the hairline style that fits you! Choose the look you want. Several options include:

› Crisp, Clean Cut
› Youthful, Natural
› Slightly Receded
› Mature

Pattern Baldness

The concept of Scalp Micropigmentation for long hair who have pattern baldness is to decrease the contrast between the hair and the thinning areas exposing the scalp . Smp is a great treatment for men & women who prefer their hair to have the same amount of density throughout their whole head of hair. Adding pigmentation onto the scalp of all thinning areas where the scalp is exposed instantly fills in those areas creating a thicker look . Clients are able to wet and style their hair anyway they want not having to comb it a certain way ..THE DAY’S OF COMBING YOUR HAIR A CERTAIN WAY TO COVER THINNING AREAS ARE OVER!!

Half of our clients are men & women with long thining hair

Scalp Designs SMP  treatment works just as good for men with thinning hair as it does with no hair. There is this misconception all smp clients have to have to shave their heads (this is not true ). Some clients  have lost so much hair they have no choice but to shave their heads to keep a full shaved head look.  but would prefer it to look thicker women whose hair is thin or patchy works just as good on blonde as it does on darker hair. It may be recommended to women who have bald spots caused by traction  alopecia  or who have any type of scarring on the scalp. Smp is also an option for those who want to enhance the results or (thicken up their look) after not getting the results expected from  FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery,  great for camouflaging scars caused by hair transplant surgeries.

The Treatment Procedure

Treatment is often spread across 2-3 sessions, time spent for the treatment depends on the level of the hair loss, and the type of style you want, coupled with other factors that may come into play.
Firstly, you undergo a consultation with a practitioner where we discuss the treatment options that best suit your need. At the consultation, we map out the plan of action that contains your requirements as well as how to best achieve them.
Then we proceed to the first treatment, at this stage lighter pigment are usually applied as we lay the foundation for your new hairline.
The second treatment session is where we introduce a darker shade than the first session and fill in more details according to your specific need. Here is where your dashing new look comes to life.
At times, clients may want to go darker which necessitate a third treatment session. This depends totally on the client preference.
The price of your treatment will be listed on your consent form. This form is filled out and signed by the client and technician before the start of treatment. Some treatments take more then 3 sessions to complete, unlike our competitors there is no extra charge for treatments that exceed 3 sessions unless we are working on an area that was not part of the quote. We believe on working conservatively to avoid any unnecessary errors “Less is More We can Always Add” this is why when the job is finished all our clients leave extremely happy.
Scalp Micropigmentation is quite affordable and easy to maintain. A very good choice for both men and women who are looking for a trusted method, Scalp Designs is sure to deliver guaranteed results.