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The process is divided into separate sessions, until enough density has created the look of a full head of hair. The number of sessions required to complete each client varies, though usually completed within 3-4 sessions (each session being 2-3 hours).

More sessions are required for women, between 4-6 sessions is generally needed to make a visible difference. You should allow one week in between each session for proper healing.

Implanting pigments will not damage your existing hair follicles. SMP is very beneficial as clients may experience regrowth and strengthening of hair follicles.

Restore Your Hairline

Your hairline is like a picture frame for your face. A receded hairline can drastically change the structural appearance and attractiveness of your face.

SMP is an effective way to restore your receded hairline. Scalp Designs uses an 8 point symmetrical system to design any hairline with precise measurements. You can opt for your original hairline, or choose type of hairline you want. Some of our clients like to bring in an imagen as a reference.

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Hide Pattern Baldness

Pattern baldness, or androgenic alopecia, is the most common cause of hair loss in men and post-menopausal women. Pattern Baldness weakens the growth cycle of your hair follicles until they eventually stop growing at all.

SMP hides the appearance of pattern baldness by adding pigmentation directly to the bald or thinning areas of your scalp, decreasing the contrast between the hair and the thinning areas and creating a fuller, thicker look.

Scalp micropigmentation is a long-lasting solution suitable for any stage of pattern baldness.

Camoflage scalp scars

We understand how disheartening it can be to receive a hair transplant to mask your hair loss, only to experience a surgical scar that contrasts starkly with the healthy hair surrounding it.

Although they’re small, scalp scars can do untold damage to anyone’s self-esteem. They may draw negative attention, and unfortunately, in some circumstances, elicit a comment or two.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an excellent way to conceal even the most noticeable scars left behind after hair transplants, medical procedures, incidents, or other scalp trauma and create the appearance of a thicker, fuller head of hair.

Our scar camouflage treatment process varies from client to client because scar tissue is more unpredictable than undamaged skin. Scars tend to soak up the pigment, which means no less than 3 treatments are required to a complete a full scar camouflage treatment.

Pigments are first deposited in the scarred region, following the pattern of hair follicles. Then pigments are blended 1-2 cm above and below the scar to achieve an undetectable blend with the surrounding hair.

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Half of our clients are men & women with long thinning hair

Scalp Designs SMP treatment works just as good for men with thinning hair as it does with no hair. There is this misconception all SMP clients have to have to shave their heads (this is not true). Some clients have lost so much hair they have no choice but to shave their heads. It works just as good on blonde as it does on darker hair whether on males or females. It is recommended for women who have bald spots caused by traction alopecia or who have any type of scarring on the scalp. SMP is also an option for those who want to enhance the results or (thicken up their look) after not getting the results expected from FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery. It is great for camouflaging scars caused by hair transplant surgeries.

The Treatment Process

For best results, our Scalp Micropigmentation process is often spread over 2-3 sessions. Time spent for the treatment depends on the level of the hair loss, and the type of style you want, coupled with other factors that may come into play.
Firstly, you’ll undergo a consultation with one of our friendly practitioners. Here, we’ll discuss the treatment options available to you. From here, we’ll map out a plan of action so we can give you the best results for your requirements.
After the initial consultation, you’ll be asked to sign a consent form that outlines the conditions of your treatment and the quotes price.
Then we can proceed to the first treatment. Here we apply a lighter pigment to lay down the foundations of your new hairline.
The second treatment session is where we introduce a darker shade than the first session and fill in the finer details according to your specific need. Here is where your new head of hair truly comes to life.
If you want to go even darker, you may need a third, or even a fourth or fifth treatment. Unlike our competitors, there is no extra charge for treatments that exceed 3 sessions, unless we are working on an area that exceeds the quote’s conditions.
That’s it. Once you’re happy with your results no extra work or maintenance is required. You can wake up every morning with a well-groomed head of hair.
We believe in working conservatively to avoid any unnecessary errors. We live and breathe the phrase “Less is More. We can Always Add”, which is why our clients always leave the clinic happy that they’ve achieved the exact results they’re after.

Your new hair is waiting