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We work on many clients who have undergone a hair transplant procedure. For years have been hiding a very undesirable scar. The Scalp micropigmentation technique performed on a hair transplant scar is called ” scar camouflage”. Pigments are first inserted inside the scar following the pattern of the follicles. Then pigments are blended 1-2 cm above and below the scar to achieve an effective blend with the surrounding hair. Scalp Designs are experts in camouflaging any/every type of transplant or medical scar.


The treatment process varies from client to client, because scar tissue is more unpredictable than undamaged skin. Scars tend to soak up the pigment, which means no less than 3 treatments is required to a complete ‘Scar Camouflage treatment”.

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All type of hair transplants leave a behind permanent scarring. SMP can be used both prior to and post transplantation. Most clients who have had a hair transplant still are noticeably thin or bald. This is because a hair transplant requires a supply of donor hair. This is a problem since the donor area (where hair is extracted) is limited to the size of an index finger. Therefore, transplanted hairs are typically spread apart usually just within the hairline.

Whether you have a minimal amount of short cropped hair or longer thin hair, the combination of Scalp micropigmentation & Hair transplant achieves an infinite amount of density creating the realistic appearance of a full head of hair.

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The combination of a Hair transplant and Scalp micropigmentation has many benefits. The feeling and texture of transplanted hair with the density of pigments creates undetectable results. The texture and direction of transplanted hair follicles differ from the original hair in the area. Smp masks transplanted hairs creating a truly undetectable look.

Those who have opted for hair transplant surgery have already suffered a great deal from the negative effects of hair loss and the transplant will leave them with expensive scars and possibly an impaired confidence due to the visibility of those scars. By combining SMP with their hair transplant, the appearance of scarring will be almost completely undetectable.

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