Types of Hairlines

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We work on many clients who have undergone a hair transplant procedure. For years have been hiding a very undesirable scar. The Scalp micropigmentation technique performed on a hair transplant scar is called ” scar camouflage”. Pigments are first inserted inside the scar following the pattern of the follicles. Then pigments are blended 1-2 cm above and below the scar to achieve an effective blend with the surrounding hair. Scalp Designs are experts in camouflaging any/every type of transplant or medical scar.


The treatment process varies from client to client, because scar tissue is more unpredictable than undamaged skin. Scars tend to soak up the pigment, which means no less than 3 treatments is required to a complete ‘Scar Camouflage treatment”.

Types of Hairlines

There are three basic types of hairlines, Receded, Natural, and Hard Hairline (straight line with boxed up edges).

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Different hairlines
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A hairline is created by placing pigments among the natural pattern of the hair. Even though the hair inside each follicle has stopped growing, the impression of each follicle remains. At Scalp Designs we use magnified optical glasses to clearly follow your natural pattern. This is how we restore your receded hairline.The most popular look would be more of a faded or peppered hairline. There are younger clients and those who opt for a Hard lineup (straight line w/ boxed up sides). We are professional SMP Technicians who have performed thousands of treatments. Each client who walks through our door will get our professional opinion. Scalp Designs has yet to work on a client who has regretted doing the SMP treatment. We pride ourselves in creating jobs so natural looking they are undetectable.

Scalp Designs uses an 8 point Symmetrical System when designing each hairline

This system starts with a centerline measuring from 8 separate angles creating a symmetrical hairline.

Other companies indent a ruler on your head trace the line without any measurements. We believe in taking extra time to make sure everything looks perfect…

A hairline should be created with exact measurements not by eye!!

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