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Traditional body art tattoos often turn blue or green after a few years, leading many people to ask why any scalp micropigmentation treatment, regardless of its quality, wouldn't look the same after a period of time. The reality is that the SMP process is very different. The vast majority of treatments, when delivered by quality [...]

Hair transplants are often given as the only way to treat hair loss and for the expense, the results can be generally lacklustre. Huge strides have been made in the procedure to ensure a higher quality of hair regrowth and less scarring however the pictures you see with people that seem to have a full [...]

You heard that right, Bosley now offers scalp micropigmentation. Welcome to the party Bosley, you’re late as usual. At Scalp Designs, the leading SMP clinic in New England, we welcome competition. We like that hair restoration companies such as Bosley, which have always ignored scalp micropigmentation, have suddenly realized that it is the best thing [...]