If you’re a guy who has hidden under a hat for years, who avoids social functions or wears concealers to hide your hair loss from even your closest friends and family, then you will absolutely live a happier and more confident life post-SMP. Yes there are men who remain completely confident with their hair loss. Though for many men & women it’s a never- ending daily battle with expensive products and messy concealers.
With no real cure hair loss company’s like Bosley created commercials about a surgical solution they offer called a hair transplant, also called hair restoration. Bosley promises after 1 surgery you will have back “Your Own Full Head of Hair”. Their commercials portray a client with a horseshoe bald pattern (Norwood stage 7) goes into their clinic and then leaves with a full head of hair. It could’t be the furthest thing from the truth!! Trust me after a couple of years working at hair transplant company’s I know the reality. One year post hair transplant 90% of clients are extremely disappointed in the little to no results achieved from their $7,500 investment. Unfortunately statistics show that more then half of these clients go back in for a second transplant! Why would they waste more money on something that did not work the first time? The answer is
Hair Transplant Doctor’s are Manipulators. By convincing you that it’s your own fault, whether it’s the way you did or didn’t take your medication,use the correct shampoo, the list goes on but they will do you a favor and take $1,000 off your second surgery. You say yes they have succeeded and now you are completely devastated. Not only have you thrown away $14,000 but you have 2 huge linear scars going ear to ear on the back of your head.
People say you don’t understand how I feel with these scars on the back of my head! It’s humiliating the biggest regret in their life was doing a hair transplant. This is what I hear every day from client’s who come to Scalp Designs wanting to camouflage their hair transplant scars. My name is John Toti I’m the owner/technician of Scalp Designs. We are a company in Stoughton, Massachusetts that performs an innovative non-invasive hair loss treatment called Scalp micropigmentation (SMP). Scalp micro pigmentation is a cosmetic hair loss treatment done by inserting organic charcoal pigments into the dermis area of your scalp which then replicates individual follicles. We camouflage scars by inserting individual pigments into them by following the pattern of your original hair follicles. Once the treatment is completed your scar will no longer be visible. For anyone with hair transplant scars Call Scalp Designs for your Free Consultation. Time to erase those unwanted Hair Transplant scars from Your Life!!

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