I know you must have heard about many SMP providers in Boston, but do you know Scalp designs is one of the top 10 companies in the industry? Yea! So, it is not just the best in New England, it is leading SMP provider. Isn’t that amazing?

You might wonder why Scalp Designs takes the lead in providing highly innovative and effective treatment for hair loss. Well, I will show you some amazing reasons why a lot of people prefer to consult Scalp Designs. Some of them include:

  1. Top expertise

Scalp Designs is owned and managed by John Toti who has a true understanding of hair loss. At a very young age, he successfully trained and worked on 5 models. This made him become the First Licensed/certified scalp micropigmentation technician in the whole of New England.

John became vast in this field by partnering with multiple hair doctors, and he worked with many hair restoration companies before starting up Scalp Designs. So, in terms of knowledge, John is far way ahead of other doctors. This is one of the reasons why scalp Designs is the best SMP provider.

  1. Passion with experience

John Toti’s passion for scalp micropigmentation was fired up after he lost his hair at a very young age of 20. This hair loss left him in deep insecurity at that time. But interestingly, he became passionate to discover the real solution to his hair loss. Through some conferences and training, he found out that pigmentation is an effective measure to replicate hair follicles and treat hair loss.

John completed his own SMP treatment and performed hundreds of SMP treatments with well-known hair restoration companies. This is where he found his passion for helping others suffering from hair loss.

So John knows what clients go through when he covers their transplant scars because he has personal experience with the procedure. More so, majority of SMP artist don’t have the experience that John has gathered over many years of practice. This makes Scalp Design the best Provider of SMP and many clients feel very comfortable working with someone who understands how they feel.

  1. Modern Technologies

Scalp designs houses state-of-the-art equipment in micropigmentation for hair loss treatment. In fact, many renowned hair loss restoration companies recommend Scalp Designs all over New England.

Not only that, but many well-known Doctors and Dermatologists consult John Toti for hair transplant scars concealment. The major reason is the expert knowledge of John and the modern technologies used in Scalp Designs to restore receding hairlines and thinning areas without going under a knife.

In addition, the needle used at Scalp Designs is fabricated to replicate a single hair follicle. This makes the hair loss treatment process easier with minimal pains.

  1. Organic Ink

At Scalp Design, all ink used for scalp micropigmentation is 100% Organic Charcoal. This is unlike what many other SMP providers use (more of additives). John Particularly ensures that no color additive is contained in the micropigmentation ink.

This natural ingredient is one of the major reasons why many patients who are considering hair transplant switch to micropigmentation- it is simple and also natural.

There are many providers of scalp micropigmentation for the treatment of hair loss and baldness. However, if you desire the best place to restore your hairline, don’t look too far; Scalp Design is just where you should be. Consult us today and we’ll help revive your confidence!

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