Nearly one third of men are bald, while nearly 30 million American women are experiencing hair loss. There is an innovative,non invasive new hair loss treatment that can help hide thinning hair, but what should you know before giving it a try?We talked with John Toti the owner of Scalp Designs in Stoughton Ma for his input, First of all, you should know that what you’re getting is not really a tattoo. It’s not cosmetic makeup either, although both of those were the jumping off point for this new invention. Scalp Designs calls it Scalp micro pigmentation. Other companies call it “Scalp Pigmentation,” and still more say “Micro scalp pigmentation” or “hair tattoo. While there may be variations between the treatments offered, the basic process involves dots inserted just under the epidermal level of your scalp. By contrast, tattoo artists use a heaver gauge needle, injects ink much further under the skin and usually causing bleeding. So, that’s where you should start with your questions. What kind of needle do you use? Scalp micro pigmentation ”Smp” technicians say regular tattoo needles are too thick to use to replicate a single hair follicle. They say finer cosmetic makeup needles are more appropriate for hair loss treatments. But there is one critical detail: they say the needle should not be perfectly round. Hair follicles, when magnified, are actually jagged irregular. Ideally the needle used to mark your scalp will mimic that. And, of course, make sure the clinic you choose uses brand new needles on each customer. What kind of ink do you use? You know how old tattoos often have that blue look to them? You definitely don’t want to look like a smurf. So make sure the facility providing your Smp service doesn’t use ordinary tattoo ink. Apparently, cosmetic makeup ink isn’t quite right either because it can fade. Ask whether the facility uses an ink formulated just for the scalp. Though companies are hesitant to talk about it, perhaps for competitive reasons.. Keep in mind, the process of replicating hair with ink is new, so we haven’t yet seen the long-term results of how it holds up. Some companies say the ink can fade and customers may have to undergo a retreatment a few years later. Scalp Designs average touch up is 8-10 years after treatment. It’s good to see the results on somebody else before undergoing treatment. Most technicians have gone through the treatment which is great since you not only see the results you have someone who can really relate to your situation. You can request a mock up sample of you with different hairlines designed on photo shop, you shouldn’t trust before and after pictures alone. Shop’s without close-up photo’s could be using tattoo ink ,a good example is a company called Microscalp Clinic on Newbury St are well known in the industry for their “blue heads” which happens when big needles and  permanent/tattoo ink is used. Insist on seeing the results in person -and don’t be shy, get a nice close-up look. Ideally you’ll be able to see more than one past client and at least one of those people should have the same type of hair loss that you have. Can I grow out my hair? For men, if only the classic horse shoe of hair is left left, growing it out would look truly strange since the simulated hair’s in your bald spot would not grow. Men with a full head of thinning hair are great candidates since the shadow created by Smp will mask the scalp giving you back a full look of hair Since this procedure is used to mask thinning hair in women, growing it out is not an issue for women. How do you find a natural-looking hairline? If the hairline is too low on the forehead tends to look fake attracting unwanted attention. Scalp Designs has a four finger rule which means there shall be four fingers of space in between the eyebrow and start of hairline. It is always best to start with a conservative hairline. You can always add more. It’s much easier to add than subtract. The ink can be removed, typically with a laser, but it is very difficult and can be painful. It’s best to consider it a permanent look. Many men have just enough peach fuzz left on their heads to trace an appropriate hairline. Also make sure you choose a hairline appropriate for your age. What if I lose more hair? Ask the treatment facility about this. Scalp Designs will blend your simulated hair with your real hair by fading the ink marks into your hair. That way, if you lose more hair there will already be simulated hairs there. If you are interested in seeing real results or receive a quote Call For Your Free Consultation Call Scalp Designs at 508-505-8106

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