Scalp micro pigmentation treatment is not only the best non-invasive hair loss treatment on the market it is also the #1 treatment to camouflage and conceal scars created by the extracted donor hair for hair transplant surgeries. About 20-30 years ago information on these surgeries was not available like it is today thanks to the internet. Back in the day men seeking a treatment for their hair loss went to commercial companies such as Bosley. Hair club for men and Bosley flooded tv networks with commercials showing before and after pictures of bald men leaving Bosley with a full head of hair. Hair club for men and Bosley sell hair pieces (wigs) which are glued onto the scalp. They make their money off of selling client’s a monthly maintenance plan costing between $250-$500 a month. A ten minute appointment which they take off the hair piece they then re glue it back on your head. Those men in the commercials are all wearing hair pieces bosley glued onto their scalp. They scammed many men thinking those were results from a hair transplant. Yes they do offer transplant’s which is performed by a doctor (independent contractor) who comes in to perform the $8,000 one day surgery.
Hair transplant’s are as much of a scam as a hair piece unless you don’t mind walking around with a linear scar looking like an upside down smiley face on the back of your head the rest of your life. Micro scalp pigmentation performed by Scalp Designs in Stoughton Ma is guaranteed to thicken thin hair and give a short buzz cut look and giving you back a hairline. Scalp micropigmentation is the most modern and affordable hair loss treatment on the market. Scalp micropigmentation regrets are easily avoided cy going to professional smp clinics such as Scalp Designs in Massachusetts whom in the past 5 years have performed thousands of treatments giving back confidence me lost when they lost their hair.

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