Scalp micropigmentation also known as “hair tattoo” has become an extremely popular solution for men who have lost a significant amount of hair. The utility of SMP (Scalp micro pigmentation) acts as a permanent concealer in which dots are created between the pores onto thin/bald areas of the scalp. Unlike a hair transplant where the normal density cannot be reached, SMP is an indispensable tool able to produce an infinite amount of dots, the increase of density creates an illusion of hair follicles. This is the 1st hair loss treatment beneficial for both Men & Women suffering from alopecia and genetic hair loss or.

The Art of SMP is not as simple as it may sound. The fact of the matter is after learning how to perform micro scalp pigmentation only 2 out of 10 people last more than 3 months in the industry. There are so many factors that come into performing this non-invasive hair loss treatment the correct way, screwing up somebody’s head is not an easy thing to come back from. Things such as inserting the correct amount of pigment for each dot depends on speed of the gun, the angle of insertion, depth of the needle, time of contact and resistance of scalp. Scalp Designs in Stoughton, Ma is the only clinic in New England that offers training to become an competent SMP technician. Each client has a unique skin depth which pigment is inserted. Scalp Designs trains student’s how to find the depth in which to deposit the pigment into the scalp. Without this type of knowledge pigment inserted just 1 millimeter deep will expand into your blood cells resulting in a geen/blue blotch. Also known as a “Botched smp job. Make sure the technician you choose has been fully trained ask to see pictures of their previous scalp micropigmentation jobs and how long have they been performing SMP.




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