Hair loss is a fact of life for many men and also a small proportion of women. It can be traumatic dealing with a changing appearance and accepting a new bald look. The effects on confidence levels and self-esteem can be significant, along with a sense of premature ageing so it’s hardly surprising that many people look for a remedy to restore their once proud locks.

The first step for many people might well be oral drugs or creams applied to the scalp (topical) to stem the hair loss. Preparations such as minoxidil have had some success in clinical trials but they are far from a cure. They don’t stimulate new growth on bald areas and, where they are effective they have to be applied regularly. As soon as treatment is stopped then the hair loss returns.

The Downsides of a Hair Transplant

Another option some patients elect for is the transplant. Whilst these can be effective they often require several invasive surgical procedures over many years to create an effective head of hair. It’s a long haul for the patient and they can spend many years looking worse than without the treatment if the procedure isn’t totally successful. On top of this a hair transplant requires very deep pockets.

Another alternative is the hair system or wig. Whilst these can be very effective they are high maintenance, requiring constant cleaning and preparation time to put it on before being seen in public. The wig can also be accompanied by a constant sense of anxiety derived from the secrecy and social stigma of wearing a hair system that could potentially come loose at any time.

SMP and why it might be the best solution

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the only permanent, relatively low cost, low maintenance, non invasive solution. Over the course of two or three sessions the illusion of multi-layered close cropped hair is created on the scalp by qualified experts.

The results are usually indistinguishable from the real thing and it’s possible to work equally with partial and total hair loss. It’s never going to return youthful curly locks but it will create a clean cut, contemporary look that is proven to restore confidence.

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