It’s no secret that losing your hair means you’re losing a huge part of your personality. You’re basically losing a huge part of yourself and since you can’t see yourself the same anymore, you expect the same from other people. Hair can be the center point for a lot of people’s emotional wellbeing and that can only come to light once you start losing it.
And once you start losing it, you start becoming hyper aware of your looks, trying to cover your head with hats or wigs or trying hopeless hair loss products, just to have a glimpse at your previous self. It can seriously damage one’s self esteem.
Scalp Designs is Here to Help
Scalp Designs is a company that performs a treatment called “scalp micro pigmentation” that is similar to a tattoo but instead of using ink to draw on your scalp, Scalp Designs uses pigments that are injected into the dermis with a microscopic needle, that results in a genuine hair like follicle replication
Scalp designs has been giving men and women the chance of having their personalities returned to them with their brilliant hair loss solution. By building a hairline according to their own scalp, clients have been found to see remarkable change in their outlook, their self-esteem and their confidence
Scalp Designs offers to do the best it can to help individuals struggling with their hair loss and through its four year existence, it has helped numerous people with its non-surgical procedure. People now walk with an organic pigment on their heads that looks exactly like a close buzz cut. Other people can’t tell
the difference and eventually, you won’t either!
The popularity of scalp designs and organic hairline designs speak for themselves as the likes of Jamie Foxx and Vin Diesel have gotten the procedure done for themselves.

If you’re experiencing hair loss, you’ve definitely heard of Bosely, the largest and most expensive hair loss company in the wordy. Word of mouth of Scalp Designs have reached Bosely in Boston as they now are in contact with Scalp Designs to integrate their procedure into their own company.

Helping People Get Their Confidence Back
Gone are the days where you had to timidly walk around with a hat, trying to come up with excuses for doing so. Gone are the days where you tried looking into expensive hair transplant solutions. You now have something organic and natural on your head that you can own. Walk with your chip up and your head held high, as many clients already do.
Clients say they’ve hung up their hats and let go of temporary cover ups, and now they can work on something that is physically a part of them. Having something that’s a part of you sure gives you the confidence to walk around without pretending to put up a façade.
If you’re looking for a hair loss solution that gives you an extra spring in your step, you can contact us here!
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