First licensed/certified scalp micro pigmentation technician in New England, Scalp Designs, offers affordable permanent hair loss treatment called Scalp Micro Pigmentation for men and women

Scalp Designs is the latest and innovator of a non-invasive, permanent hair loss solution called Scalp Micro Pigmentation. The innovative treatment option is designed to help men and women with hair loss, providing an affordable and low-maintenance option as opposed to the somewhat expensive and ineffective hair transplant option.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation otherwise known as SMP is the use of organic pigmentation to replicate the real appearance of hair follicles. The solution is designed to work for all genders and all hair loss troubles, providing immediate, realistic, permanent, non-invasive and hassle-free hair loss treatment.

As opposed to the relatively expensive hair transplant option, SMP offers guaranteed results. In addition to replicating the hair, SMP also strengthens and adds density to thinning areas, consequently creating thicker, stronger looking hair.

The treatment options offered by Scalp Designs include Scar Camouflage, helping to effectively conceal all types of scars by filling and subsequently blending them in with surrounding hair. Scalp Designs also offers solution to pattern baldness in men, helping to conceal thinning hair whether it is from the crown area or it is a receding hairline.

The third treatment option offered by the SMP expert is targeted at treating receded hairline, helping men bring back the frame to their face. The options in this category include clean cut, mature, slightly receded, youthful and natural.

Scalp Designs also does permanent 3D eyebrows and semi-permanent eyebrows that last for as long as between one and three years. The process takes less than an hour and is relatively affordable. The process and techniques mimic the appearance of real brow hairs, such as soft shading, soft fill or soft hair stroke to give remarkable results.

Scalp Designs with the use of SMP is proving to become the effective and affordable solution to hair loss issues and other such problems.

About Scalp Designs

Scalp Designs is a hair loss solutions provider founded due to the desire to find a lasting solution to thinning hair and baldness. John, a certified scalp pigmentation technician, felt the need to help people like him address the issue of hair loss permanently after his hair loss situation affected his self-esteem and restricted his movements and association.
John combined his tattoo skills and passion to treat hair loss and consequently trained to become a certified pigmentation expert which led to the founding of Scalp Designs.

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