Hair transplants are often given as the only way to treat hair loss and for the expense, the results can be generally lacklustre. Huge strides have been made in the procedure to ensure a higher quality of hair regrowth and less scarring however the pictures you see with people that seem to have a full natural head of hair are ultimately false as it usually takes several sessions over a few years.
In cases of male pattern baldness where the hair is lost from the crown and the temples, it can only be replaced using a small doner strip from the back of the head. This means that there is a limited amount of follicles that can be transferred or moved to the affected areas, so in most cases you will be left with a patchy new hairline that is only a semi improvement.
It would be worthwhile if the results are guaranteed but your surgeon is unable to tell whether the body will reject these new follicles in their relocated position plus if you are experiencing total hair loss then you won’t have enough donor hair to replace the full scalp.
This is where scalp micropigmentation can be of great use and help. It is more than just a tattoo, it works to reduce the appearance of of the scalp in conjunction with hair transplants.
Scalp micropigmentation can be used pre-or post hair transplant. When used after a hair transplant it has two main focuses.

  • Firstly it will fill in any gaps and create a shadowy effect to make the hair look more dense and realistic.
  • Secondly it can be use as a method to disguise any scarring that occurred during the process especially at the back of the head where the donor hair was taken from.

Hair transplants can take up to 12 months to heal and so we suggest leaving this time between the operation and having your first scalp micro pigmentation treatment just to allow the hair and scalp to settle and to see how if any new growth is occurring. We also suggest that you do not have another operation until three months after you’ve had your last scalp micro pigmentation session.

We suggest having the micropigmentation done before you consider any hair transplant because often people are shocked to see their results and are glad to be able to continue life with even the semblance of hair. However, if you do decide to go on to have a transplant we have a recommended specialist who we work very closely with. Plus, because you have already essentially filled in the area, when you then go and have the hair implanted, you will already look like you have fuller hair.

In 2018 Scalp micro pigmentation has become more popular compared to hair transplants giving the results are guaranteed beforehand. During a consultation, your technician will be able to show clearly the expected results and the healing time is minimal. So for the fraction of the cost of a hair transplant and the recovery time, you can take out all of the guesswork and know exactly what the outcome will be.

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