Scalp Designs performs Scalp Micro Pigmentation so now your hairline is yours forever!!
“I felt self-conscious when I started losing my hair in my 20’s. Baldness carries a lot of negative stereotypes. After searching for solutions I had noticed a friend of mine (who always wore a hat) all of a sudden had a nice short haircut. I was so intrigued because I knew he had a receded hairline but some how it grew back. Being such a sensitive subject I had to ask him what he was using to grow back his hair, he began to laugh.
At this point I felt extremely insecure, being my defensive self I brushed off the question . Then with this great big smile he began telling me about a company called Scalp Designs in Stoughton, Ma that performs a hair loss treatment called Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

I have never heard of this and I had a million questions to ask him. He explains how the best thing about the treatment is that there’s nothing negative about it. Not only does it not damage your hair but the process is the same idea as dry-needling (another hair loss treatment) by regenerating vitamins you’ve lost which causes hair loss.
He said they filled up his head with a bunch of dots that look identical to hair follicles. Basically was like a form of tattooing but all the equipment used was made specifically for this treatment. From the gun,needle,and the ink. I asked him about fading then he explained it is not tattoo ink its actually 100%
natural charcoal which doesn’t break down in your immune system and is not affected by the sun. He said he really feels younger,hung up his hats, and went shopping buying himself some nice clothes. Scalp Micro Pigmentation creates a closely cropped buzz cut look for men with little to no hair. SMP conceals hair transplant scars while adding density where donor hair couldn’t. No Maintenance, no medication, and Affordable on any budget.

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