Hair loss is a condition highly prevalent in the United States. In fact, recent studies show that over 85% of men above age 50 in the U.S have thinning hair. Some cases of hair loss can be reversible by taking care of the root cause, but the majority among men and women has a permanent effect.

Due to the loss of self-esteem associated with hair loss, a lot of people are now looking for treatment procedures to mask their hair loss. But unfortunately, not all of these endeavors turn out successful. Sometimes, individuals get to suffer from the side effects of a bad procedure which was to better the appearance and quality of living- and not make it look rough.

At Scalp designs, we have helped to repair lots of bad hair loss treatment and assisted people who received bad scalp micropigmentation from another company. Fortunately for these individuals, we have been able to erase their sad stories and put a smile on their face. We fixed the original poor quality they got from other companies and gave them an attractive look that they desired.

Repairing a Bad Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp micropigmentation uses tiny needles to inject pigments into the dermis precisely to reproduce a single hair follicle. This procedure works like tattooing, and it is repeated to fill the whole area suffering from the hair loss.

There are lots of benefits and advantages of using scalp micropigmentation to treat hair loss. However, the result or effect of the procedure depends mainly on the technicians performing it.

Scalp micropigmentation is now so popular that there are lots of unskilled, inexperienced practitioners who have moved into the industry offering poor quality micropigmentation services. The ugly part is that they subject their clients to more emotional pains as their inexperience make them produce bad results.

The field of scalp micropigmentation is a delicate space that requires much expertise. That is why at Scalp Designs, we make this procedure as an art form. It can be disastrous when inexperienced technicians toil with people’s lives.

When the wrong pigment is used or it is applied at the incorrect depth, what should have been a perfect way to mask hair loss quickly turns out to be a center for unwanted attention.

At Scalp Designs, we have seen the result of makeup artist and tattoo artist who feel our craft is something they can achieve too. Sadly, their clients end up regretting they consulted them. One thing needs to be clear- choosing the right tone of dye and mixing for scalp micropigmentation is entirely different from the mixing performed by tattoo artists. It requires specialized training and experience.
More so, when there is a wrong application of dye on the scalp, it can give a blotchy outcome, which large dots that cannot match the look of natural hair. Such a mistake messes up the purpose of scalp micropigmentation procedure and draws horrific looks towards the bad job.
In most cases, the bad scalp micropigmentation is as a result of the wrong placement of the pigment beneath the surface of the skin- caused by lack of expertise.

If you’ve been a victim of bad scalp micropigmentation and don’t know what to do, you can always consult Scalp Design. We can fix the errors and help you get that undetectable illusion of thicker and stronger hair.

Our business is to help you feel great about your looks. Contact us today, and we would help you restore your smile!

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