Hair replacement or transplant firms in New England choose Scalp Designs which formulated a procedure that does not require the use of surgical instruments to prevent hair loss. The process is known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP. Well-known dermatologists endorse Scalp Designs as an effective technique in covering scars produced by hair transplant as well as restoring thinning surfaces utilizing a non-invasive method.
Men and women who face hair loss problems see Scalp Micro Pigmentation as a ground-breaking approach that offers a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution. One patient who requested anonymity said, “I believe SMP is the answer to my receding hairline. Besides, it is more inexpensive compared to other competitors which provide costly but unproductive hair transplant alternatives.” Scalp Designs specialists explained that SMP utilizes organic pigmentation to make hair follicles look real. The solution applies to both male and female. It is deemed effective in dealing with different kinds of hair loss troubles. Scalp micropigmentation ensures prompt, practical, lasting, and comfortable hair
loss remedy. Scalp Designs offers guaranteed results.

Aside from replicating the hair, SMP also reinforces and adds thickness to thinning portions of a person’s scalp which means creating thicker and stronger-looking hair. Scalp Designs also offers the process of Scar Camouflage which helps hide unsightly blemishes by filling up and merging these marks or scars with the adjacent hair.

At the same time, Scalp Designs introduces solutions to tackle the problem of baldness among men whether this affects the crown or more of a diminishing hairline. Another state of the art third treatment offered by this expert is to help re-establish the frame or structure of men’s faces. The technique generates a well-groomed, mature, somewhat receded, young-looking and natural

Scalp Designs is a reputable hair loss solutions provider which continues to flourish because of the need to discover a long-lasting solution to thinning hair and baldness. John, a certified scalp pigmentation technician, felt the need to help people like him cope with the issue of hair loss permanently. Hair loss affected his self-esteem and restricted his movements and association with other people. John employed his tattoo skills and passion to handle hair loss and consequently trained to become a certified pigmentation expert which led to the founding of Scalp Designs.
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