With aging comes slowing down in our hair growth, however, this is not the only reason for hair
loss. There are other factors that come into play like genetics, hormones, and other factors like excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, etc.
One thing you should know is that, you are probably not alone when it comes to hair loss, report has shown that on reaching 35 years of age about two-thirds of men in America undergo some degree of noticeable hair loss, by the time they reach 50 years of age close to 85% will have considerably thinning hair. It should be noted that women also suffer a considerable degree of hair loss although not on the same level as men do.

Scalp Micropigmentation- What it is all about
As we know, there are various ways in which hair loss can be treated such as hair transplants, medications, wigs, and so on. However, there is a treatment that is becoming ever more popular as a solution to hair loss. It is called Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), its sometimes called “hair tattoo,” the treatment is used to thicken thinning hair, restoration of receding hairlines as well as hiding hair transplant scars.
SMP is a highly advanced cosmetic procedure that makes use micro-needles to inject pigment into the scalp. The process is used to mimic your natural hair follicles with every treatment tailor-made to match your exact skin type and color. Scalp micropigmentation is a very sophisticated process that produces a guaranteed result. However, the quality level of the treatment you receive depends on whether the equipment been used are up-to-date and the practitioners are very skilled and experienced. For these reasons, you need to find the right hair loss treatment clinic that can offer you the right treatment that fit your needs.
At Scalp designs, we boast of the most skilled practitioners in the industry backed by innovative cutting edge technology to deliver a consistent and flawless result after your hair loss treatment sessions. Based in Stoughton, Massachusetts, we have been delivering incredible life-changing treatment using SMP.
The treatment procedure
Treatment is often spread across 2-3 sessions, time spent for the treatment depends on the level of the hair loss, and the type of style you want, coupled with other factors that may come into play.
Firstly, you undergo a consultation with a practitioner where we discuss the treatment options that best suit your need. At the consultation, we map out the plan of action that contains your requirements as well as how to best achieve them.

Then we proceed to the first treatment, at this stage lighter pigment are usually applied as we lay the foundation for your new hairline.
The second treatment session is where we introduce a darker shade than the first session and fill in more details according to your specific need. Here is where your dashing new look comes to life.
At times, clients may want to go darker which necessitate a third treatment session. This depends totally on the client preference.
Scalp Micropigmentation has proven to be a non-invasive hair loss treatment procedure that is quite affordable and easy to maintain. A very good choice for both men and women who are looking for a trusted method that is sure to deliver guaranteed results.

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