Today there is A Cutting Edge Solution taking over the hair loss industry called Scalp Micro Pigmentation.This modern treatment is Guaranteed to give Men / Women back a full looking head of hair. We Recreate & restore receding hairlines. By filling in bald and thinning areas creates a closely cropped buzz cut look for men whom had little to no hair left. SMP conceals hair transplant scars while also adding density where to thinning areas. Scalp micro pigmentation requires No Maintenance,no medication, and is Affordable on any budget.

The treatment uses 100% natural pigmentation made up of charcoal (no dye or color additives that are inside of tattoo ink), which means no side effects and no discolouration. It also doesn’t require any incisions, so there is no risk of infection. There is also no need to fear the needle that is used to add the pigmentation to the skin, because needle only penetrates into the first layers of skin, with most people reporting a discomfort level of a 3 out of 10
This simple procedure, which is basically hair tattooing, is finished in only a couple of sessions. This means only a few hours must be spent to achieve a perfect shaved-head look. And even after the first session, the results are quite realistic.
A majority of the companies performing the treatment are also clients of the treatment and were so inspired by the life changing results they took the steps to learn the trade and opened up business.


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