Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment (SMP) is becoming an increasingly popular solution for hair loss sufferers. The treatment can help fill in bald or thinning patches and give your scalp a fuller,  more natural appearance.

While some people are happy with the results of a single Scalp Micropigmentation session, it’s recommended that you should return for additional treatments to achieve the best outcome.

Why is this?

Let’s take a closer look at what Scalp Micropigmentation involves and why it takes more than just one session. 

Why can’t you fill your head with hair in a single sitting?

Scalp Micropigmentation treatments are spaced out over a minimum of three sessions to ensure the most realistic hair-like strokes.


The first session typically lasts longer than the second and third sessions, each lasting less each time. You’ll leave with a plan for your subsequent two or three visits after your first visit.

The SMP technician draws out a layout. It’s made with a mild shade of pigmentation.

This is the time for establishing the groundwork and assessing your skin’s receptivity to the pigment and process and the opportunity for the hair technician to become acquainted with your scalp.


Adding Density. The second session is to add pigment and density to the scalp and is when most of the color will be added. This occurs 7-10 days after the first session.

SESSION THREE (and beyond)

Touching up. The third session is used to fine-tune the treatment and make sure everything looks perfect. To achieve “reality,” your technician will add even more density by producing “perfectly imperfect” hair follicles.

A fourth session or more may also be necessary, depending on your skin type.

Why Do Some Clients Require More Session Time?

As previously stated, three to four sessions are required for optimal outcomes in most circumstances. However, clients may require five or more sessions to complete treatment in some situations. Some people need as many as seven sessions! 

So, what elements decide the number of sessions for comprehensive treatment? Does the client determine it? Is it dependent on the clinic or the technician?

Although it is uncommon for treatments to go more than six or seven sessions, the following are the critical reasons for the varying number of sessions required:

  • The client’s DNA (Some people have their pigments fade away very quickly compared to others)
  • The client requests numerous changes
  • Scar tissue is present (Scar tissue disperses the pigmentation more readily than expected)
  • The region of the scalp to be covered is quite large
  • The penetration depth isn’t very deep
  • The pigmentation used is light

Because SMP treatment is a delicate technique requiring precision, the time spent is not exaggerated.

The medical-grade pigment may react differently depending on the quality and kind of skin, even various parts of the scalp may react differently. As a result, professional providers need to ensure that customers do not have more sessions than required.

Time must be allotted to let the pigment  settle and the skin to relax after the first session aids in correcting pigment tone and the build-up of density in the second session.

Why do other SMP providers claim to do all tasks in a single session?

The majority of clinics cannot provide high-quality scalp micropigmentation in a single session. A handful of well-known providers have tried to accomplish everything in one session in the hopes of increasing earnings and benefiting their customers, who can save time from coming in for additional treatments.

However, the outcomes of these studies have shown that one-session scalp micropigmentation is untrustworthy, and in fact might be harmful to the customer. Still, even with this being said, this does not rule out the prospect of a single session soon, because technological advancements may make it more probable. It’s highly likely that practitioners will be able to deliver SMP much more efficiently than they do presently.


We understand that clients are eager to achieve the best possible results as quickly as possible, but we want to ensure that they receive high-quality treatments that will last. That’s why we discourage them from seeking treatments at clinics that claim to be completed after one session. 

At Scalp Designs, we want our clients to be satisfied with their results and feel confident in their new look. Clients should have realistic expectations about their SMP treatment journey.  

Scalp Designs is a Scalp Micropigmentation Clinic in Boston that offers a free consultation for those considering Scalp Micropigmentation treatment. If you’re considering SMP, we can discuss your individual needs and help you achieve the best results possible. 

Our hair experts are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way. 

So don’t hesitate to call us or visit our clinic. Our team is here to help you through the whole SMP treatment journey.

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