Picking an appropriate professional career might be a challenging task. Our advice is simple – Take the route less travelled at times, and you may find that it is the finest professional move you could make. Even the career route of being a micropigmentation artist might be considered off the beaten road for some people. Micropigmentation has grown to be a thriving sector, and its potential is set to surge in the next few years. Read the article below to find out about how you can get a Scalp MicroPigmentation Training or a Scalp Micropigmentation Certification. 

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

The fact why scalp micropigmentation is not a popular career choice might be because the practice itself is not as popular. As a result of new technology and techniques, scalp micropigmentation is becoming a more accessible career path. 

Scalp Micropigmentation is a technique that uses a stippling pattern tattoo to mimic hair follicles.SMP is an alternative treatment for hair loss. A whole new solution to the problem of receding hairlines and bald crowns, it is also the most successful and least invasive ever.


The Growing Industry 

As per the American Hair Loss Association (AHLA), half of the males by age 35 experience hair loss and by the age of 50, up to 85 percent of males have thinning hair. As a result, this industry is in high demand. 

In fact, it is stated that as many as 95 percent of males with hair loss suffer from androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness. This hereditary disease can begin as early as age 21 and even women are not immune to this.

The majority of people who suffer from hair loss would be more than eager to have it treated–sometimes to extreme measures–to make them feel more confident in themselves. As a result of widespread cultural expectations, women may be under greater pressure to get therapy. An SMP artist’s work may truly alter people’s lives.


The ROI of a Scalp Micropigmentation Certification

An SMP clinic is an investment, but it will pay for itself within a short time frame.

Before their doors open to the public, every SMP is promised a constant customer because of the high demand for micropigmentation therapy. And micropigmentation may generate money, as procedures can cost anywhere from $1,000 to $5,000, and even more in some cases. Even “temporary” treatment can be repeated, lasting anything from six months to two or three years.


Scalp Micropigmentation Training 

At Scalp Designs, we offer Scalp Micropigmentation Training that will help you learn all you need to know to launch a new profession as an SMP artist. We offer Scalp Micropigmentation from one of the world’s most highly trained technicians: 

  • Hands-on training
  • Secrets on how to turn 100% of your consultations into paying clients
  • Work on live models
  • Continued support
  • One on one training
  • Lifetime access to the industries Best Pigmentation
  • Learn the industry’s top secrets from one of the worlds pioneering artist


Why should you choose us?

✔ Scalp Designs’ scalp micropigmentation training ensures that you will fully master all skills required to become a competent and successful technician.

✔ All scalp micropigmentation certification students graduate with the skills required to deliver safe, consistent, aesthetically sound results.

✔ Be able to legally work as a scalp micro pigmentation technician.

✔ You will gain the knowledge in order to Start and Successfully grow your own Scalp Micropigmentation business.

✔ Knowledge of how to successfully market your business online (SEO, Adwords, Social Media Ads)

✔ Able to offer a very profitable service to your business.

✔ Lifetime access to the Pigmentation used by all the best companies in the industry.

Once you complete your training, you’ll be prepared and confident to perform professional scalp micropigmentation procedures, and you’ll even be able to start your own micropigmentation business. Everything you need to know will be readily available to you in a matter of minutes.

You may become a scalp micropigmentation artist if you have the patience and attention. You know you can reach this goal in a shorter amount of time, and that after you complete your training, you will have no shortage of clients. As a qualified Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, you’ll soon be able to enjoy a competitive yearly wage. 


How can you Apply for our Scalp Micropigmentation Certification?

Please send an email to [email protected] to join up for Scalp Designs Training. Name, phone number, and email address are required along with a $250 payment to secure your spot on the waitlist. The training dates will be sent to you via email once payment has been received (we train all year round). You’ll be officially registered for the date you choose when you submit your application. The $250 will be applied to the total cost of training and will be credited to the participant’s account.

 Visit our website to know more. 






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