When it comes to hair loss, many women find it alarming and even embarrassing. As more women use modern beauty ideals that idolize women with long, thick, healthy hair, women who are experiencing  hair loss may feel pressured. When faced with such a bombardment of such images from the media, many women may attempt to use each and every available hair loss cure.

But if that’s what they are searching for, then women may be one step closer to finding the cure with female scalp micropigmentation. It involves the employment of permanent pigment to create the illusion of a full head of hair. This process is performed by trained artists, making it safe and simple for women who have insecurity over hair loss.


Why do women lose their hair?

Hair loss often occurs in a predictable pattern, starting with hair receding from the forehead, thinning at the crown, and eventually complete baldness. Thinning that occurs throughout the entire head of hair is commonly seen in women during menopause. She has an even hair loss pattern throughout her entire scalp, although it is doubtful that she will become completely bald. On the other hand, the prominent forehead will very definitely remain untouched. This opens up the door for scalp micropigmentation to be applied specifically to her advantage to add density to these thinning areas..


To what extent is Scalp Micropigmentation effective for hair of medium length?

Scalp Micropigmentation works for hair of any length. The technology developed originally for balding men has progressed rapidly, and now is available for men and women with long hair.

If you are bald or have a receding hairline, Micropigmentation can help by hiding bald spots and restoring your hairline, as well as adding fullness to thin hair. It is an incredible solution for all hair loss problems.

It is also common to witness hair thinning in regions where hair is squeezed tight as a result of styling such braiding or rows. Like many other muscles in our bodies, hair follicles may slack off when we do not give them enough attention. Pulling a hair from its follicle causes it to go to sleep (antigen stage). It takes time to fully awaken (telogen phase). Women generally do not appreciate areas of the scalp that are bald and exposed.


Is Scalp Micropigmentation Harmful to Hair Follicles?

It is completely safe to have Scalp Micropigmentation. To create volume generate depth and resemble natural development, Scalp Micropigmentation is done in between hair follicles. The needle does not even come into contact with the actual hair follicle.

The needle barely reaches 2 millimeters deep during the process, which is quite shallow. There is no damage even if pigment is applied to the hair follicle. It will not hinder future growth or impact the hair that already exists.

Though some women have hair thinning that started in their youth, others may some have hair that is naturally thin and have had it all their lives. Slight exposure of the scalp is evident because the hair is black. It could be that she simply wants her fine hair to look full.

For people who are not born with thick locks, and who are growing their hair out, losing some hair may be a similar feeling.


Hair loss is very common frequent in women. There is no way to tell when, or for how long, a woman she will endure seeing a clump of hair missing from the drain in the shower or the pillow every day. A not ideal way to begin the day, to be sure. As such, Female SMP at Scalp Designs is the best, most natural, and practical option for the time being. It is safe, painless, and gentle, and if she wants to keep it hidden, she can. It’s good to know that, if hair grows back, the shading on the scalp is completely harmless. One of the best things about this is that it is attainable.

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