You heard that right, Bosley now offers scalp micropigmentation. Welcome to the party Bosley, you’re late as usual. At Scalp Designs, the leading SMP clinic in New England, we welcome competition. We like that hair restoration companies such as Bosley, which have always ignored scalp micropigmentation, have suddenly realized that it is the best thing [...]

20, March 2018- Scalp Designs is a company that effectively provides a solution to every man and woman's hair loss, they make use of Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP), an incredible life-changing treatment that applies organic pigmentation at an epidermal level of the scalp to replicate the way your real hair follicle will naturally look. Studies conducted [...]

Hair replacement or transplant firms in New England choose Scalp Designs which formulated a procedure that does not require the use of surgical instruments to prevent hair loss. The process is known as Scalp Micro Pigmentation or SMP. Well-known dermatologists endorse Scalp Designs as an effective technique in covering scars produced by hair transplant as [...]

Scalp micropigmentation treatment offers a safe and effective alternative treatment for hair loss especially for people who may not want to undergo costly hair transplant treatments. Scalp Designs in Massachusetts United States, 7th Feb 2018- American Hair Loss Association recognizes the company Scalp Designs for bringing back the look of natural hair. Hair replacement or [...]

Study in the USA has just confirmed that Scalp micro pigmentation is the best look when it comes to making an impression – specifically hairlines. WORLD’S OLDEST BUSINESS SCHOOL CONDUCT STUDY SERIES It will come as no surprise to any SMP wearer that yet another study has confirmed what we know to be true. A SHAVED HEAD [...]

Today there is A Cutting Edge Solution taking over the hair loss industry called Scalp Micro Pigmentation.This modern treatment is Guaranteed to give Men / Women back a full looking head of hair. We Recreate & restore receding hairlines. By filling in bald and thinning areas creates a closely cropped buzz cut look for men [...]