hair transplant scar treatment

All hair restoration procedures involving surgery create scars. They vary from old fashioned plug and cobblestone scars to linear strip scars at the back of the head,aggressive scalp reduction scars and follicular unit extraction (FUE) scars in the donor and recipient area.

Scalp Micropigmentation effectively conceals these scars by filling and then blending them in with surrounding hair. These types of scars can be very visible and limit hair style options for the individual.

› Strip Scarring
› FUE Scarring
› Plug Scarring
› Alopecia Scarring
› Accident Scarring


scalp designs

Male Pattern Baldness is s problem for many guy’s, by the age of 35 yrs old 40% of all men are suffering from some type of thinning hair ,whether it’s a receding hairline, thinning from the crown area or both. By the age of 60 yrs old a stunning 65% of all men will have a receded hairline, thinning of the crown area or both. The most stunning of all facts is that 20% of men Under the age of 25 yrs old are already experiencing signs of thinning hair. These young men usually have lost 80% of their hair (on the top) by the time they are 35 yrs old!!


hair transplant scar treatment

Hairlines are the frame to your face,when your hair line has receded you have lost the frame out of the picture
With scalp micro pigmentation you are able to fully customize the hairline style that fits you! Choose the look you want. Several options include:

› Crisp, Clean Cut
› Youthful, Natural
› Slightly Receded
› Mature

From edged up to natural, Scalp Designs create’s all  requested hairline’s. It is helpful to the technician and beneficial to the client if he brings in a pic of a hairline he would like. If the client is still unsure our technician will draw a hairline in which best fits the clients complexion,