Scar Camouflage


All hair restoration procedures involving surgery create scars. They vary from old fashioned plug and cobblestone scars to linear strip scars at the back of the head,aggressive scalp reduction scars and follicular unit extraction (FUE) scars in the donor and recipient area.

Scalp Micropigmentation effectively conceals these scars by filling and then blending them in with surrounding hair. These types of scars can be very visible and limit hair style options for the individual.

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Half of our clients are men & women with long thining hair

Scalp Designs SMPtreatment works just as good for men with thinning hair as it does with no hair. There is this misconception all smp clients have to have to shave their heads (this is not true ). Some clientshave lost so much hair they have no choice but to shave their heads to keep a full shaved head look.but would prefer it to look thicker women whose hair is thin or patchy works just as good on blonde as it does on darker hair. It may be recommended to women who have bald spots caused by tractionalopeciaor who have any type of scarring on the scalp. Smp is also an option for those who want to enhance the results or (thicken up their look) after not getting the results expected fromFUT or FUE hair transplant surgery,great for camouflaging scars caused by hair transplant surgeries.

Scalp Micro Pigmentation for Women

Scalp Designs specializes in creating an underlying effect, which creates the appearance of a natural, full head of hair. This is the ideal treatment for women. Many women need color added to their scalp to cover natural separations made from long hair. If you can see scalp, we cover this up to allow for it to look healthy and full. Scalp Micropigmentation is perfect if you are a woman who is thinning on the top or across the crown section of your head. Also many women experience thinning hair on the side causing them to always wear their hair down,We have worked with and successfully treated many female alopecia and surgery scar clients.Please do not hesitate to Call us we want to help you regain your Confidence.. Thank You, John

Hair line design is arguably the most important artistic area of the treatment as the hair line frames your face and gives back a more youthful appearance. As SMP does not rely on a finite donor supply in theory any design could be made. That said care should be taken not to create a too low or aggressive hair line as the result will stay with you and not recede. As tempting as it may be a slight recession can frame your face very well and still look perfectly natural as with any cosmetic procedure there is some trade-off; in the case of SMP it is maintaining your native hair with a very short or shaved hair cut; this ensures a seamless blend. Dependent how fast your hair grows this may mean shaving every day or every other day. Hair grows longer, SMP remains the same, the longer your hair grows will detract from the natural result when shaved.

It ́s important to understand what and how SMP works, this can be said of any procedure; on the right candidate with achievable realistic goals SMP can help those not suitable for surgical hair restoration, meds will not work or just don ́t want surgery to regain the look of a shaved head of hair again. Another advantage to SMP is the ability to treat hair loss conditions not suitable for medications or a hair transplant.

Instant results, little to no discomfort, and a guaranteed Results with the excellence of Scalp Designs dedication to care and your happiness.
Not all SMP is the same, how realistic your result can depend on many factors; the art is replicating the look of very short or shaved hair, this is achieved from tiny medical grade pigment particles placed under the outer layer of the skin.