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The Procedure Explained by John himself

Micro-pigmentation is for you if you:

  • Never like to remove a hat at the gym, restaurants, clubs etc
  • Have lost your mo-jo over the years due to your receding hairline or balding
  • Lacking confidence as a direct result of your balding
  • Tired of people looking or judging you on your hair health
  • Worried about how you look in pictures
  • Worried what romantic partners may think of you

I have dealt with these concerns too so I completely understand. I know the pain too well. If you come in and see me (John Toti), you will see how SMP has changed my life

What Micro-pigmentation will do for you:

  • You will never want to put on a hat but still have the option to
  • Re-establish your swag from your youth or when you had hair in abundance
  • Feel totally comfortable in your skin and in any environment knowing your hair looks great
  • Walk around with your chin up and be proud at how good you look and feel
  • Love taking pictures & are happy to be front & center with your new natural-looking pigmentation
  • Feel self-assured that you look great and exude authentic confidence

After getting SMP done, we find many clients gain new confidence and revived motivation for health & fitness. It honestly changes your life, not just your hair

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What happens during Scalp Micro-pigmentation?

A practitioner injects a natural pigment into the dermal skin layer of the scalp to resemble a single hair follicle. It replicates the natural appearance of hair follicles. This method completely hides any bald spots, scars, burns or any ugly birthmarks on the scalp. It works well for both men and women.

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Hairlines are the frame to your face. When your hairline has receded you lose the frame of the picture (face).
With scalp micro pigmentation, you are able to fully customize the hairline style that fits you! Choose the look you want. Several options include:

› Crisp, Clean Cut
› Youthful, Natural
› Slightly Receded
› Mature

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Half of our clients are men & women with long thinning hair

Scalp Designs SMP treatment works just as good for men with thinning hair as it does with no hair. There is this misconception all SMP clients have to have to shave their heads (this is not true). Some clients have lost so much hair they have no choice but to shave their heads. It also works just as good on blonde hair as it does on darker hair, whether on males or females. It is recommended for women who have bald spots caused by traction alopecia or who have any type of scarring on the scalp. SMP is also an option for those who want to enhance the results or (thicken up their look) after not getting the results expected from FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery. It is great for camouflaging scars caused by hair transplant surgeries.

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Pattern Baldness

How SMP works for pattern baldness by decreasing the contrast between the hair and the thinning areas exposing the scalp. SMP is a great treatment for men & women who prefer their hair to have an even density throughout their head. Adding pigmentation directly on the scalp of the thinning areas where the scalp is exposed instantly fills in those areas creating a thicker look. Clients are able to wet and style their hair any way they want, not having to comb it a certain way.


What REAL customers had to say

John Toti excels at his craft. He is like a highly experienced surgeon working on your scalp. He has wonderful customer service, making you feel at ease as he completes his masterpiece. I am so thankful to him for his time, effort and artistry. He has truly changed my life with his work. Kudos to him! I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to feel better about themselves. – Ray Blanco

This is the new fountain of youth. After the first session you start seeing a difference. Not just in your looks, your confidence, your swag and u won’t think twice about putting on that hat next time you go out. For the 30 year old guy that looks like your 40, you won’t be disappointed. I’m 38 and hated shaving my head, it made me look so much older. After 3 sessions I can’t believe the difference in how I look. – Derek Pereira

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Benefits of (SMP) Scalp micro-pigmentation

  • Permanent hair loss solution
  • Affordable compared to surgical treatments
  • No medication, no side effects
  • Instant results that last
  • Natural pigmentation for a natural looks
  • 3 manageable payment installments
  • Performed by MA’s top rated scalp micro-pigmentation practitioner

Schedule a FREE consultation and see first hand how amazing this breakthrough procedure is. Call John – 5085058106

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