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After completing my own SMP treatment, it was remarkable how quickly my confidence increased! John felt like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders, and he quickly came to the realization that the true meaning of his life was to help others who were suffering from hair loss. John has considerable experience working for well-known hair restoration companies, performing hundreds of SMP treatments in the past. Gaining a wealth of knowledge in hair loss is what separates Scalp Designs from all the other company’s now offering Scalp micropigmentation. These other companies are typically composed of tattoo artists, barbers or entrepreneur looking to add a new service or start a new venture. None have the knowledge or passion that John brings to Scalp Designs

“Scalp Designs are extremely knowledgeable about hair loss and are recommended by well-renowned hair restoration Company’s all over New England”. Hired by well known Dr’s and Dermatologist’s to Conceal hair transplant scar’s, Restore receding hairlines and thinning areas without going under a knife."

After months of training successfully working on 5 models l became the First licensed/certified scalp micro pigmentation technician in new england.

With a lot of confidence in my skills I worked on and completed my own head!!! Looking in the mirror with a hairline was the most incredible feeling!! I took back my Confidence!! That’s when I decided I was going to start my own company,

I found the Solution and I felt Free Again…Now I free other’s who are hostage to the hat,toppik,hairpiece and multiple failed transplant’s!!

jose and his wife

The more research you do the better chance of you getting a great treatment and avoiding the myriad of bad providers out there. Having some knowledge in that regard can only be a good thing. It’s very important to be informed, especially when the choices you make will affect your life so profoundly.The best provider for Joe may not be the best for Nathan. It depends on what you believe constitutes a high-quality treatment, your budget, your location and also on your own personal requirements.

Facts we believe make Scalp Designs a Top Provider

me new wrkn on chris concentrate 225x300 - About UsOur technician is licensed/certified to perform Scalp Micropigmentation

We have worked on over 1,ooo clients within the past 3 years

Gained partnership’s with Hair Restoration company’s all over New England

All our before/after pics are clients Scalp Design’s have worked on

Our Ink is 100% Organic Charcoal contains NO color additives

Our needle is fabricated to replicate a single hair follicle